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Foreclosure Mediation

Foreclosure Mediation in the State of Nevada

Have you received a “Notice of Default and Election to Sell” notice?

If so your time to take action to save your home is very limited. We suggest you contact our office today for a free consultation so we may explain the process and your rights. The State of Nevada has put into place a Foreclosure Mediation Program you can take advantage of to negotiate your mortgage terms and stop your foreclosure. *

Foreclosure Mediation is an alternative method to help parties resolve disputes by agreement with the help of trained mediators.

Under Nevada law, the State of Nevada Foreclosure Mediation Program (FMP) is open to homeowners of owner-occupied houses who receive a foreclosure notice, formally titled Notice of Default (or Breach) and Election to Sell. Homeowners of owner-occupied houses have 30 days after being served with a foreclosure notice to complete their enrollment in mediation.

We offer assistance with Foreclosure Mediation. Contact our office today for more information.

2015 New Federal Mediation Program!

Effective January 1, 2015 the Federal Bankruptcy Courts now offer a Mortgage Modification Mediation (MMM) Program. Our office is now ready to assist clients with this new process.

Finally, time restrictions, clarity and accountability are guaranteed for your loan modification. This program applies to all bankruptcy Chapter 13 and all types of real property, commercial and residential. MMM has streamlined the modification process to reduce costs, save time, and make it easier for the parties to facilitate a loan modification.

If you are interested in this program, Call us today to schedule your free consultation!

See if this new program can finally help you get the loan modification you deserve!