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Las Vegas Loan Modification Attorney

Since 2008 we have helped thousands of homeowners save their home from foreclosure. In most cases, within one business day, we can stop foreclosure and the harassing phone calls.* We track every call and conversation with your lender down to the minute. Our process is managed by our proprietary software which is one of the keys to our success.*

Our law firm assists home owner’s in Las Vegas avoid foreclosure. We stop foreclosure, negotiate on your behalf and fight for the best deal from your lender. We’re known as the “Bulldogs” because of our tenacity to fight for your rights. *

The key to our high success rate is the fact that we “Pre-Qualify” you prior to taking your case.

(Q) How do we “Pre-Qualify” someone for a loan modification?

(A) We have our own in-house underwriting staff who will review your financials and underwrite them prior to sending your paperwork to the lender. This not only shows the lender that you can meet their guidelines, but it makes it easy for them to say “Yes”, and if they still say “No”. We already have a detailed and documented case in order to make an immediate appeal.

Even if you have been denied over and over, don’t give up. Please call us today for a second opinion.

We are experts in identifying the reason you are being denied and addressing that issue with the bank. Then proposing a revised deal which is almost always immediately approved.

Once we “Pre-Qualify” a client, we have an extremely high success rate in obtaining an actual written offer from that client’s lender.

It normally only takes about 5-10 minutes asking you detailed questions by phone or in person to identify if your case is “Pre-Qualified”. *

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(Q) What is a Loan Modification?

(A) A loan modification can bring your loan current, significantly lower your monthly mortgage payment and in some cases reduce the principal balance to the current market value if you are currently under water. We stop foreclosure, negotiate on your behalf and ensure you get the best deal from your lender. We’re known as the “Bulldogs” because of our tenacity to fight for your rights. *

Many homeowners have tried to get a loan modification on their own but have only gotten the run around. If you’re tired of getting the run around and need someone who will fight for you, Call Vohwinkel and Associates Law Office today for a free consultation.

Our Nevada legislature recently passed a new law that requires your lender to discuss loan modification options with you if you meet certain qualifications and if you are in default on your home loan.

We will review your loan documents and look for any violations of the Truth In Lending Act and other federal and state laws that may be used as leverage to obtain a loan modification from your lender.

Do not wait to go into default and lose your home. If you believe you were the victim of a predatory lender, we can use that as leverage to obtain a loan modification. * Please contact our office now for a free, no-obligation, loan modification consultation.

New 2017 Home Loan Modification Programs

Contact Us Today to find out if you qualify.

Have you been told you do not qualify for a home loan modification in the past?
Have you received a loan modification in the past that only lowered your payment by a few hundred dollars or less?
Is your modified payment about to adjust from 2% to 3%, and then even higher?
Was your Principal Balance increased on your last home loan modification?
Has your income decreased or have you suffered a “New” hardship?
Are you struggling with your current mortgage payment even after it had been modified?

Do you believe your payment should be lower than it was modified to in a past modification?
There are “New 2017 Home Loan Modification Programs” available for you to take advantage of if you answered yes to any of the questions above. *

You may be able to modify a SECOND TIME or EVEN THIRD TIME if you are still struggling. *

Contact us today to set up a free consultation to find out if the “New 2017 Home Loan Modification Programs” can help you re-negotiate your mortgage and save your home.

It is Illegal for anyone outside of the State of Nevada to assist you with your Home Loan Modification- Period!!!

It doesn’t matter if they are licensed in another State. It doesn’t matter if they only charge you after you are approved. It doesn’t matter if they are a real law firm or licensed attorney in another State.

The State of Nevada has laws that are in place to protect its residents.

Nevada Law states that a loan modification company MUST be licensed with the State of Nevada. It states they must be located in the State of Nevada and have a local physical office where you can go and meet with them face to face.

Attorneys from other States ARE NOT allowed to assist you in the State of Nevada if they are not licensed in the State of Nevada and do not have a local physical office in the State that you can walk into and meet face to face with the attorney.

Be aware, there are many scam artists claiming to be associated with an attorney’s office located outside of the State of Nevada. Unless you can meet face to face with the actual attorney, do not hire them.

Attorney Rory Vohwinkel is a licensed attorney in the State of Nevada. He is in our local office daily and you will meet with him personally face to face to discuss your case.

Contact Us Today. Come in for a free face to face consultation with Attorney Rory Vohwinkel.

Principal Reduction Modification Programs

Principal Reductions are much more common today. Even if you have had a modification in the past, come see us and we may be able to obtain a second or third loan modification that includes a Principal Reduction.* We are not like other law firms or companies that simply assist you with the paperwork. We fight for the lowest payment, interest rate and maximum principal reduction possible. *

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Foreclosure Mediation in the State of Nevada

Have you received a “Notice of Default and Election to Sell” or a “Notice of Sale”? If so your time to take action to save your home is very limited. We suggest you contact our office today for a free consultation so we may explain the process and your rights. The State of Nevada has put into place a Foreclosure Mediation Program you can take advantage of to negotiate your mortgage terms and stop your
foreclosure. *

Learn More About Foreclosure Mediation