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Principal Reduction in Las Vegas

Principal Reduction Modification Programs are now more common. To see if you qualify for a principal reduction, call our office today to come in for a free consultation. Many lenders now reduce the balance as low as the current value. *

Principal Reductions are much more common today. Even if you have had a modification in the past, come see us and we may be able to obtain a second or third loan modification that includes a Principal Reduction. *

We are not like other law firms or companies that simply assist you with the paperwork. We fight for the lowest payment, interest rate and maximum principal reduction possible. *

Don’t take someone’s word they obtain principal reductions. Come and meet with us face to face and we will show you actual results we obtained from your lender. *

A couple of recent actual examples of “Loan Modification Approvals with Principal Reduction” are attached below for you to view.

Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac finally agree to cut Mortgage Balances!

Thousands of homeowners will be eligible to have their mortgage balances cut under a plan approved by the federal regulator of mortgage-finance companies Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, according to people familiar with the matter. Guidelines are expected to be issued in April 2016. Anyone with a Fannie or Freddie loan may qualify – Even if you were modified before.

The plan approved by the Federal Housing Finance Agency marks the biggest step Fannie and Freddie will take to reduce mortgage balances for struggling homeowners since the housing crisis erupted.

The first step to seeing if you can finally get your principal balanced reduced is to contact us today!

Real Examples of Principal Reductions

See some real principal reductions that we have done for clients here:

See Full Principal Reduction Client 1

See Full Principal Reduction Client 2

You may be eligible to receive hundreds of thousands of dollars reduction off of your principal balance due to the Attorney General’s settlement; Making Home Affordable Principal Reduction Program or Shared Appreciation Modification Programs. We can assure you have the best possible chance at receiving this money before it runs out. *

Contact us today for a free consultation.